c Jaakko Suomalainen and Sanna Turunen

I'm participating with my concert photography work "Lend" (Flight) at art festival AHNE 2010. It's organised by art students of University of Art and Design, Helsinki. More than 80 artists are taking part.

If you get to walk around in Helsinki from August 23. to September 11., go visit the exhibition. It's held in Suvilahti, Kattilahalli, Sörnäisten rantatie 22, Helsinki, Finland.

Festival page at Facebook

picture taken by Kai Kaljo
My photograph taken at Maailmaküla 2010 festival is used on Quique Neira's backside of the promotion flyer. It's the second one from above.
Other photographs by Chris Segers and M. Larkovirta.

wonderful fails II